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What Is Affiliate Marketing?

What Is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is nothing more than an agreement between a company with a product or service and an individual or entity whereby the individual or entity refers customers for a fee. In most cases no fee is paid unless a product or service is purchased.

There are also, CPA (cost per action) networks all over the Internet. That is much more difficult to explain here. You can find that type of information online in a lot of places. It's much more difficult, but it can be done. You normally have to apply and wait to be approved. Qualifications differ from on to another, but you will probably need a personal website that gets a lot of traffic to qualify. 

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This process has existed throughout Western society. You recommend an excellent restaurant or service to a friend or relative and they try it out. In most instances no fee is paid because you are not affiliated with the restaurant or service.

The Internet and Social Media platforms has put this process on steroids. With  few clicks of a button you can introduce people from around the World to a new product or service in minutes. 

This has opened up a whole new way to make a very substantial income with little effort. You'll see ads online that say they require no effort on your part, but you will find these to be rip offs in most cases.

And just as in a Garden or Lawn, when weeds come up, the Internet is full of weeds. Weeds will take your garden if you don't control them. Weeds will take your Affiliate Marketing business if you don't control them. In a Garden, weeds are anything you didn't plant. In Affiliate Marketing, weeds are other opportunities online.

I won't go into too much detail here. I have very good training on this site that addresses this issue. Let me just say that whenever you become an Affiliate of some product or service and begin to advertise in various sources on the Internet, some of the sources such as traffic exchanges and other platforms will let you advertise, sometimes for free in exchange for letting them show you other opportunities they think you might be interested in. 

Many of these might look good on the surface. It's important that you stay focused. Your greatest enemy on the Internet is, Other Opportunities.

We offer an excellent affiliate platform if you want to get started fast and not search the Internet to find something you like. There are many large conglomerates online that everyone knows about that offer affiliate memberships, but as you know your chances of success are limited because there is so much competition among all the affiliates. 

If you want a more, "Niche," or specialized field check out this Lead Generation platform. All Internet marketers, direct sales, MLM distributors and even off-line business need leads.  

I write on another page on this site that I remember reading somewhere that the people who really got rich during the, "California Gold Rush," were not the people who actually found gold, but the people who sold the picks and shovels that the prospectors used to mine Gold.

The information before you will offer you a, "Double-Whammy, if you will. You can provide the tools for Internet Marketers to generate leads while at the same time using those same tools to generate leads for your Affiliate Marketing business.

Lead Generation is a, "Niche," within the Affiliate Marketing arena that is filled with opportunity. You can take a look at this phenomenal concept here.

Some kids are learning how to make money while in college to the point that they never enter the workforce, and they make a full time income on their cell phones. Technology has come a long way and the new Entrepreneur might decide not to become a business executive, but instead take a few months to develop a business that will allow time freedom for the rest of his or her life. Take a look at the information that is before you and join what many are calling the most stable business system on the Internet. This is not something new. We have six and seven figure earners in the industry that teach you every step of the way.

There is nothing like this on the Internet and I hope you will take the time to fully digest this information and bookmark it if necessary if you don't have time now to look at everything. If your question was, What is Affiliate Marketing, this site should answer that question. Thanks for your time.

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