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Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

Can Affiliate Marketing be done without a website? This is a common question in the back of a person's mind sometimes when they consider the concept of Affiliate Marketing. 

One of the most impressive things about Affiliate Marketing is the fact that you don't really need a website. If you took the time to build your own website, it would probably not be as good as the one the company you are affiliating yourself with. Most of these companies, even the small ones have spent the time and money to build a great site with videos and spokespeople who do a great job of selling the product or service.

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All you have to do is send people to the company website. This is usually done by sending leads to what is called, "A Lead Capture Page," that captures the person's information. At this point automation takes place in the form of Autoresponders, RSS feeds, Blogs and so forth. At this point your job is complete and they will either take action or unsubscribe from the automation.

The point is that you can do all the requirement of an Affiliate without the need for your own personal website. On a lesser level it might be compared to a Gas Station. You don't have to start your own Oil Company to be successful. You just need a convenient place for vehicle owners to stop and receive product.

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Unlike the Gas Station owner, you seldom have to come out of pocket for the set up. Most Affiliate Marketing Platforms provide the lead capture pages and training materials about their product or service at very little or in most cases no cost at all. There are links to some of these Affiliate Marketing Platforms on many of the pages on this website if you are interested.

Another key thing to remember is that most of the Affiliate Platforms on the Internet are composed of, "Digital," products that can be delivered anywhere in the world in seconds. Anyone with a computer or cell phone can operate most of these businesses from anywhere in the world.

Affiliate Marketing has opened the door to a whole new way of living and making a living. I write on another page of this website that many High School and College students are finding ways to make money on the Internet to the point that when they finish school some of them are taking the time to build some kind of online business that will provide time freedom. Instead of looking at 20 years or so in some kind of Career, many are taking 20 months to develop an online business, and some of these business are Affiliate Marketing platforms that will allow them time freedom for the rest of their live.

As a result, that would be business executive might never sit behind a desk at work or attend a board meeting, but instead spend his or her life doing the things they really want to do. Just a thought.

I forgot to mention that you don't have to send a, "Resume," and wait for an answer. Other than CPA (Cost Per Action) Marketing, which I mention on another page, you don't need a website, and acceptance is usually easy. Most of the tools you will need to be successful such as, Lead Capture Pages, and Autoresponders  are provided free of charge. 

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I hope this cleared up some of the confusion you might have had when thinking of doing Affiliate Marketing without a website. As I stated earlier there are links throughout this site of well established Affiliate Marketing Platforms that thousands of people are using to make very large six and seven figure incomes on the Internet without a website. Thanks for your time.

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