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Affiliate Marketing What Is It?

Some time the question is simply, "Affiliate Marketing, What Is It? Here and on many other places on this website I will attempt to explain this highly lucrative way to make a very good living on the Internet.

Affiliate Marketing in the simplest sense is an arrangement between a company that has a product or service and an individual or entity, whereby the company pays a commission or fee for a referral. The amount paid is different from company to company. In most cases no fee is paid unless a purchase or enrollment is made. 

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There is another, altogether different kind of Affiliate Marketing called CPA Marketing. It is far more detailed and you will need a website that gets a lot of traffic daily. There is usually a process whereby an application is submitted and a waiting time ensues. In most cases not much training is provided. You are for the most part on your own. I'm not knocking it, I just want to mention it here. If you want to look into it go to Google and put in CPA Marketing Affiliate, and you can get information. There are CPA Networks all over the Internet for you to choose from.

I've been online for several years and am affiliated with several companies. Some of the best I have found have links on this site on this page and others. All the ones that I am affiliated with have more training than most people will ever need. But if you do ever want to go through all of it you can. There are tapes, E-Books, recorded webinars and so on available 24/7.

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One of the major problems with Affiliate Marketing is the fact that there are so many products and services to choose from that the decision get very, Foggy! Many affiliates use traffic generating methods which require them to look at other opportunities. As a result many affiliates are promoting many different products and services at the same time. 

I won't get in to all the negative ramifications this can cause. Let me just say that in most cases it won't work as well as if one product is chosen and focused on to get it off and running. If you do this your chances of success increase tremendously. There are so many shinny objects on the Internet that this is very hard to do, especially if what you are doing takes a little time to develop. 

Almost everything you find on the Internet offers instant riches without effort or investment of any kind. I always say, "Good Luck With That! The links to the Affiliate programs I have on this site are not get rich quick opportunities but they have been around for several years and thousands are making six and seven figure incomes after taking the time to go through the training and applying what they learn.

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I have included links to free training by six and seven figure earners on this and other pages on this site. These are not websites put up in a few hours by someone in high school in their game room. These are seasoned professionals that do nothing to make money but Affiliate Marketing. 

I trust that the information you find on this site will make you consider joining me in the ones I do or at least convince you that you can make your financial dreams come true using Affiliate Marketing. You might want to bookmark this information to return to later when you have more time. How many times have you seen something online and forgot to bookmark it and later could not find it. Thanks for your time.

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