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Affiliate Marketing Training For Beginners

Welcome to Affiliate Marketing Training for Beginners. My goal is to make clear to you what Affiliate Marketing is all about and give you tips and techniques that are being used by successful online Affiliate Marketers. 

Affiliate Marketing is simply a way to earn money by affiliating yourself with a company that has a product or service that people are looking to buy. In many cases similar products can be bought elsewhere. Your job, as an affiliate of the company or product, is to generate leads on, or offline to go to the company website. Most companies will have great websites that will do a very good sales job. If the person likes what they see, and purchase products or services from the company, you are paid a fee for referring the customer to the product or service. In many instances, you are provided with a replicated website that you can use to promote online through various lead generating sources. Sometimes, if it is a very good website, there might be a small monthly fee for the site and hosting. The money to be made usually covers this in a short period of time. 

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That short period might be two or three months. Many people have never owned a business of any kind and are not aware that any real business has expenses. The, "Farmer," doesn't expect to return to the farm he just planted yesterday and find a plentiful, "Harvest." A great crop requires what is called, "Cultivation." In the case of Affiliate Marketing Training, that can be described as lead generation. 

Lead Generation is the, "Most Important Tool," for Affiliate Marketing. We offer an excellent tool to get a new and excited Affiliate Marketer started on the right foot. You can review this tool here.

There are huge conglomerates online that offer affiliate memberships. A large portion of their entire revenue comes from Affiliate Marketing. I don't think I have to mention names. 

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In most cases, though, it is not easy to make a significant income promoting affiliate products, "Per Ce," because there are so many other affiliates promoting the same product. It's similar to applying for a job. There are so many other people applying for the same position that you have to have something that sets you apart, such as experience or education.

You have heard the term, "While In Rome, Do As The Romans Do." It never ceases to amaze me that when people go online to make money they do just the opposite. They look at shinny objects, which in the case of the Internet is a great looking website that sometimes even has an animated character to present the offer. 

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I compare the Internet to a World in which everyone is walking around in, "Designer Clothing." You would not be able to distinguish Millionaires from Homeless people. All websites look good online. Some of the greatest rip-offs have great looking websites. You really can't judge a book by looking at it's cover, online.

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One of the great motivational speakers, I won't use names so that I don't have to get permissions, says that to get whatever you want out of life, you need to find someone who is already getting the results you want. Find out what that person does and model it. All over the Internet there are, "Gurus," who sell E-Books and various other forms of Affiliate Marketing Training.

After a while you decide that a certain, "Guru," seems to know what he or she is doing and you order the course or e-book. When you download it you discover that this is good stuff, so you don't apply for the refund, but you find out that in most cases you don't have a product to promote. Sure, the Guru probably offered one but you don't like the product that he or she offered.

It's similar to finishing college. You have all this information in your head but you don't have a job and there are so many companies and opportunities to the point that you start writing and submitting resumes. 

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Many people beginning affiliate marketing training won't read this far because they have seen great looking websites that promise almost instant riches for no work or investment on their part. If you are one of those make sure you bookmark this information to return to after a few months or even years when you spend your money and more importantly, your time, on such programs that don't work. The promise of, "Something For Nothing,' is alive and well in the Online world.

When you reduce the fraction to, "It's Lowest Term," you will find that the successful Affiliate Marketers online have a system for their success, which includes Lead Capture Pages, Auto-responders, videos, pre-written follow-up messages that keep a constant flow of information to your prospect until he or she buys or unsubscribes from the system. You can review a complete system that has been around for years with great success that thousands are using to make a full-time income on the Internet. Check it out here.

What if I could show you a way to Affiliate Marketing Training that was self contained? This is not some E-book. What if some of the top, "Gurus," were here every week offering free one hour training on exactly what they do? Would you like to see a live presentation by a six-figure earner in Affiliate Marketing telling you exactly what he does to live the lifestyle he lives for the last 17 years? Would you be willing to give your business time to grow and not jump from program to program with, "Get Rich Quick," opportunities that are all over the Internet?

You need to understand that your greatest obstacle to Affiliate Marketing success is, OTHER PROGRAMS! There are rip-off programs out there, but there are also good ones that have been around for years with great success but people join and don't make a lot of money right away and they jump to the next great thing. Some people are in two or three programs and wonder why they aren't successful. It's not impossible but improbable

We even offer a, "Teaser," if you will. If you don't want to go with the full system we offer a mini version for just $7.00 that you can own free and clear that does much of what the complete system does for a one time fee of just $7.00. You can check it out  here.

I built this site because there is a need for complete useful information that can be applied for success. There is a lot of information on this site and I will continue to add more on a regular basis. This information is intended for individuals that are serious, I mean really, and are not looking for something that they can get rich next week or month. If you will take the time to go through the information provided here, you won't need to go anywhere else. I include training by six figure earners that you can attend for free. They don't try to sell you their E-Book or course. Most of these are recorded or the next live session is shown on the timer. 

I wish you the greatest success and hope that you like what you see. Thanks for your time.

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