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Affiliate Marketing Definition

A good Affiliate Marketing definition might be an arrangement between a person or Entity with a company that owns a product or service whereby the person or Entity refers a customer or lead to the company for a fee. In most all cases no fee or commission is paid unless something is sold or money is exchanged.

I'm not referring to CPA Networks, whereby a fee is paid just for a click or visit. You usually have to apply and wait for approval. In many cases you will have a website related to the product or service that is receiving a certain high number of visitors daily. That is another topic for another day. If you are seeking that type of information you can find many sources online.

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This site is dedicated to explaining affiliate marketing that is more well known. There are large conglomerates online that offer Affiliate marketing to individuals. You might know some of them.

There is usually little or in most cases no fee to become an Affiliate. Many provide what is called a, "Lead Capture Page," that ask for Email and Telephone number for follow up. Companies usually have auto-responders that do this without fail.

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If a person goes to the site and buys a product the Affiliate earns a commission. This type of arrangement has been going on for years in businesses offline. A Car dealership or Insurance company or even a swimming pool company might offer what is commonly called, "A Bird Dog Fee," for someone who refers a person who buys their product.

On the Internet this arrangement is called, "Affiliate Marketing." With Internet Technology being such as it is, there is very little contact required to be a successful Affiliate Marketer. The company Website and Auto-responder system do most of the work. All the Affiliate needs to do is send people to look at the Website. From there the system takes over.

With a little amount of work one can make a very lucrative income as an Affiliate. There are advertisements all over the Internet promising instant wealth without any effort or even investment. All I can say is, "Good Luck With That!"

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Our system comes complete with Pre-Written Auto-responder messages. We have a back office filled with training and tools to make one successful if this is something one decides to do. There is weekly live training by a six figure earner in Affiliate Marketing every Wednesday  and Thursday night for free.

Here and on other pages of this site I have tried to give a clear picture of what Affiliate Marketing is and how it might enhance your financial future if you really get into it. Take a look around and bookmark this information for future reference. Thanks for your time.

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