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Hello, and welcome to Lead Lightning Information. This is a brand new website and we will be adding information on a regular basis. Our goal is to give you full knowledge of this amazing, "Free lead generating platform." We teach you professionally how to generate an endless flow of free leads. There is a suite of training material you receive just for a one time purchase of $7.00. Look at the videos on this page, and others, to learn more about them. 

Some are calling this, "Internet Marketing School." Not Lead Lightning, "Per Ce," but the information it leads to. There are all sorts of Internet Marketing training online and much of it is good. I'm not saying that this is the best Internet Marketing training on the Internet, but it is the most complete that I have found so far, and I have been online for years

Lead Lightning is a tool used by many Affiliate Marketers on the Internet to generate leads. Affiliate Marketing is so closely tied to Lead Lightning that we have a lot of good information on this site concerning Affiliate Marketing and some of the well established Affiliate Marketing platforms that are available, most for free.

See A Very Good Affiliate Marketing Platform Here.

This might be hard for you to believe, but I heard that when James Madison was President the Congress came within two votes of abolishing the Patent Office. They sited two reasons for this. First, they wanted to save the taxpayers the money and second, "Everything Had Already Been Conceived." Some people have come to similar conclusions about online marketing. They have tried everything and only the tips and techniques they know are what really works.

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Let me let you in on a little secret. The Internet is continuing to evolve. In it's infancy one could put almost any kind of website and achieve  a good degree of success. Today things are quite different. Visitors to a website often visit many times before making a decision to act on whatever is offered.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing

For this reason marketing systems or funnels have been developed to spoon-feed information to interested prospects until they either act on an offer or un-subscribe from all messaging. The information in front of you is a complete system, complete with pre-written autoresponder messages already set up for you to succeed. Many are finally enjoying the benefits of receiving weekly paychecks from their online businesses for the first time.

I've often wondered why a company would offer so much, for so little. It can be compared the samples that vendors give away at stores like Coscos. If you taste a sample, either you like it or you don't. If you like it you want more of it and often go to the shelf and buy a large package of the product. Then hopefully you will become a life-long customer of the product. We have a flagship product that offers more training on how to generate, "Free Leads," on the internet from six and seven figures on the Internet. Many people who own Lead Lightning have found it to be such a great way to generate, "Free Leads," that they feel comfortable buying our flagship product. It's process is sometime referred to as, "Puppy Dog," selling.

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Lead Lightning can stand on it's own and you don't need anything else to make it work. But just like in the store, people often times want more and that's the reason they offer it at such a ridiculous price. 

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You might ask yourself, How long does it take to make a mistake online? When you really think about it, it is some times months and some times as much as a year before you find out that this get rich quick opportunity is not what you thought it was. By this time you try to reconcile yourself by thinking that it must be because you did not upgrade to the higher paid levels of the plan. You remember that there was some kind of guarantee but you will probably have to jump through a lot of hoops to get a refund, so you go out and look for something new.

You've heard the term, "While In Rome Do As The Romans Do." Why is it then, that when most people go online to find a way to make a full-time income on the Internet they grab some great looking website, which is sometimes, but not always, put up in a few hours by some young person at home in their game room?

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What if, in real life, everybody walked around in, "Designer Clothing?" You couldn't distinguish a Millionaire from a Homeless Person. Well, that's the exact nature of the Internet. Each and every site looks like a winner, and all you have to do is get involved and you will be making a lot of money in a few minutes or days. I should know. I've been down that road many times. I remember the old Dion Warrick song, "We're Living In A World Made of Paper Mache."

Why not get your information from six and seven figure earners on the Internet? Do you think they might have already crossed some bridges you will come upon? I won't get into all the pitfalls you will face if you are new to the Internet. Let me just say that I have been online for over 15 years and I have had my share of disappointments.

We offer for free, live training on Internet Marketing every Wednesday and Thursday night at 9.00PM central time by a six figure earner in the industry of Internet Marketing. This is where the, "Rubber Meets The Road." You will find a link to this training on this page.

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Lead Lightning is the culmination of years of development and millions of dollars invested in research and development. There is nothing online that even comes close to what is offered here for the price of a, "Sub-Sandwich." It really doesn't get any better than this. You get a vehicle that you own for ever and can use it to generate Free leads for any business, on or off line. There is no monthly fee. it's yours!

See All That You Get With Lead Lightning Here

You're about to get your hands on a complete, "Done For You System," that is going to totally revolutionize your marketing efforts. There is no other system on the planet that offers what Lead Lightning offers for the price.

If you would like to get a full presentation of what the Advanced version of the platform looks like you can find it here. 

 The GURUS will tell you that you need a list. Some offer a system for a monthly fee that will follow up with potential customers. Many of the monthly service fees for these systems are at least five times the price of the one time fee for Lead Lightning. Many serious network marketers and direct sales people reluctantly pay these monthly fees because they know that that's the way to go if you want to achieve success online.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners Here

If you would like to see some live interviews with some of the top earners that are using the Flagship Product click Here For More Information.

One thought that often comes to mind when looking at Lead Lightning for the first time is that for a measly $7.00 it can't be of much value. You know, "You Get What You Pay For," right? WRONG!

I have personally paid over $600.00 for a lead package in  a system that wouldn't do half of what Lead Lightning will do. I made some money but nothing even close to the $600.00 I spent.

This system in the advanced version, which you will learn about at a later time if you decide to purchase Lead Lightning, sent 29,418 auto-responder emails for me to my mailing list last month. Some have bought, some have asked for more information to make a decision. So far I think 8 people have un-subscribed from my mailing list, which means that the others are at least interested. By the way, some have not opened their emails. The system lets me know. Some people don't open emails for months but when they do they either like what they see or don't like what they see. Either way, it is done automatically by the funnel system that is a part of the Lead Lightning system. I built this current list of almost 1,000 using this system in about 7 months.

I forgot to mention that once you purchase Lead Lightning you automatically become an affiliate for free, and can actually sell the system to others using the system itself. Everything is already set up. You don't have to go out and find plug ins and auto-responders to make it work. It's all included in the system and now you own it for a one time $7.00. Have you ever heard the term, "Tripping Over Pennies? People trip over Lead Lightning trying to find a way to make money online. Then they discover that Lead Lightning can make them a steady stream of $6.00 commissions which add up rather fast as you are about to find out. 

See our latest advanced version here!

When someone buys the $7.00 Lead Lightning system from you the company will pay you a $6.00 commission. That's right! If you sell just one you have almost got your money back. How is that for breaking even? Some are earning money online for the first time in their lives. Let's face it, It's hard to go in the hole on a $7.00 investment. And besides, if someone is not willing to risk $7.00 to get a system that included a library of training and follow up tools, they should ask themselves, "Do I Really Want To Be Successful Online?

This Information Explain Our Flagship Product

I Invite you to stop and think about what you just read for a minute. It cost your $7.00 and you can sell it for $6.00. We even furnish the tools and training on how to sell it. 

I remember reading somewhere that the people who really got rich during the, "California Gold Rush," were not the people who actually found Gold, but the people who sold the Picks and Shovels and various other tools used by the prospectors.

Take the time to look at the many links to videos and testimonials we have on this and the other pages of this site. Bookmark it to return to later if you are in a hurry now. 

It would, "Behoove," you to take advantage of this fantastic offer and join us in the Lead Generating business. Thanks for your time.

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